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Army chief hands colours to four new AR batallions


SHILLONG, Nov 16 - Chief of Army Staff, General Dalbir Singh presented the colours to four new Battalions of Assam Regiment (AR) today and said their responsibility in service towards the nation has increased.

The Army chief presented the colours to the newly- raised 16 and 17 Assam Regiment and 1 and 2 Arunachal Scouts at an impressive and colourful parade led by Brigadier Sudhir Kumar Jha, Commandant, Assam Regimental Centre.

�After getting the colours the responsibilities of these units would increase,� Gen Singh said during his address at the celebrations of AR�s 75th anniversary here at Assam Regimental Centre, Happy Valley.

Colours relates to the military flag of a battalion. The colours are the symbolic identities of a battalion and are a badge of honour for any battalion of the armed forces.

Historically, in a battlefield, soldiers first carried the colours upfront and kept these flying while others fought on. Even when the bearers of the colours were killed or injured others rushed in to keep it flying. Enemies getting hold of the flag considered it as a huge moral victory.

Only the Commander-in-Chief (President) is entitled to present the colours to a new Regiment or battalion. After the colours are handed to a new regiment, the President or the Army chief presents the colours to a new Battalion.

AR was raised on June 15, 1941. The 1 and 2 Arunachal Scouts were raised in 2010 and 2012 respectively to protect the country�s border with China. Lauding the four new battalions, Gen Singh said, these battalions, in a span of few years after their raising, have performed commendably in line with the glorious history of AR.

The Army chief also dedicated the expanded and renovated War Memorial to the Regiment at the Regimental Centre. This war memorial was originally inaugurated on Nov 24, 1953 by Bishnuram Medhi, Chief Minister of Assam.

Lt Col John Charteris of Royal Scotts came all the way from Scotland to witness the event. Wearing the traditional Scottish uniform, the veteran soldier said: �The parade was magnificent, the best I have witnessed anywhere so far. I can see why the AR, which took part in several wars, has never lost a war.�

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