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Archaeological Dept�s apathy decried

By Correspondent

JAMUGURIHAT, Dec 1 - Naduar is historically an important area, with many ancient and Ahom-era relics lying scattered, but these have not been properly looked after by the Archaeological Department, not to speak of proper preservation and beautification. The Pithaguridol, Sukaan Pukhuri are old relics, presumably of king Arimatta�s period. Though Pithaguridol is somehow protected by the 12th Assam Police battalion as it is surrounded by a Siva temple, the Sukaan Pukhuri is dying as it is being used as a firing range.

Moreover, the Ahom devalayas such as Nagsankar, Sukleswar, Dulal Madhab, Nandikeswar, Subhagya Madhab, Rudrapad etc., and satras like Karatipaar, Bor Elangi, Molaguri, Bogakura, embankments, road and barracks such as Chamdhora, Dikoraimukh, Gohai Kamal or Kabir Ali are in a dilapidated state and have borne the brunt of the apathy and neglect of the State Archaeological department. The famous Chamdhora Garh constructed by the Ahoms to protect the area from Mughal invaders is a thing of the past, as the remnants have not been protected and preserved properly. The Ahom army barrack on the confluence of Kani Dikorai and Ghiladhari rivers is now only a name from the past. The ditches (wahgaat) used as bunkers by the Ahom soldiers in Karchantola (THB College and 12 Assam Police Battalion) have not been protected and deciphered properly. All these ancient and historical ralics are in ruins and the present generation is quite ignorant about them. The people want the department to protect and maintain these relics and get the writings on them deciphered.

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