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�Anomalies� in NCERT syllabus irk teachers

By Correspondent

ITAKHOLA, July 18 � The teachers of the Political Science subject in Sonitpur district have expressed deep dissatisfaction over the reported anomalies in the new NCERT syllabus introduced in the Higher Secondary section and urged the higher authorities concerned to remove these anomalies at the earliest.

It may be noted that a meeting was held to discuss the reported anomalies in the syllabus of Political Science recently. It was convened by the Department of Political Science, Darrang College, Tezpur. The meeting was presided over by Dr Pranjit Hazarika, HoD of Political Science of Tezpur College in which more than 50 teachers of various colleges and higher secondary schools of Sonitpur district were present.

A broad discussion regarding the anomalies in the syllabus of Political Science was held and the teachers opined that the new syllabus of Political Science would not help the students to learn the basic concepts of Political Science in the initial stage.

The members opined that the syllabus has included the concept �Politics,� but the syllabus is totally silent regarding the concept of �Political Science� which is the most important. They also felt that the discussion of the concept of �Politics� in the new books on the subject begins with a negative attitude.

Hence, the meeting stressed that the inclusion of the concept of �Political Science�, its meaning and definitions and its relation with other branches of Social Science is a must. Otherwise, the students of Political Science would not learn the accurate meaning of the subject.

The non-inclusion of concepts like State, Government and Sovereignty in the new syllabus was criticised by the Political Science teachers in the meeting. They argued that as the study of Political Science begins with the concept of State and Government, it would be harmful to teach Political Science without teaching the students about the concept of State and Governments which are not inducted in the new syllabus.

Though the concept of rights of the citizens has been included in the syllabus, but the duties of citizens have not been included which has also created a great deal of resentment among the teachers. In the meeting, they stated that rights and duties of a citizen can be regarded as both sides of a coin. These concepts are very important and helpful in making a student a good citizen of the country in the future. But the lack of the concept of �duties of citizens� in the content would definitely harm in achieving the desired goals.

The syllabus also includes the concept of Social justice. But there is not a single word regarding the meaning, definition and classification of justice. The teachers, attending the meeting, maintained that the inclusion of these concepts with social justice would definitely broaden the concepts in the minds of the students.

The teachers also discussed the placement of the concept of philosophy in the Indian Constitution in the syllabus. They criticised the matter and commented that the �philosophy of the Constitution� or the �preamble� gives the basic knowledge to everyone regarding the Constitution. Hence this chapter must be placed in the beginning of the syllabus.

A number of resolutions were also adopted in the meeting which urged the higher authorities to take immediate steps to correct these anomalies in the syllabus.

Purnananda Pawe, HoD of Political Science of Darrang College, delivered the welcome speech while Manash Patgiri, lecturer of Darrang College, offered the vote of thanks in the meeting.

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