Local innovator's robot sparks buzz, takes centre stage in Barpeta

Update: 2024-02-20 07:41 GMT

AT Photo 

Barpeta, Feb 20: A wave of excitement and curiosity has swept through the streets of Barpeta city, fuelled by the buzz surrounding a remarkable creation: a robot, ingeniously crafted by Mukul Ujir, a lower division assistant at Barpeta Madhav Choudhury College.

Mukul Ujir's brainchild, the mechanised robot, stands as a testament to his passion for science and technology, as well as his dedication to inspiring the next generation of innovators. Designed with the intention of captivating students' interest in the realms of science and technology, this electronic marvel is poised to revolutionise the way individuals perceive robotics.

What sets Mukul Ujir's creation apart is its accessibility and ingenuity. Crafted from readily available materials such as plastic, aluminium, plywood, wood cane, and electronic motors, the robot embodies the spirit of resourcefulness and innovation. Despite its humble origins, this machine-driven wonder boasts an impressive array of functionalities.

Equipped with the ability to articulate speech and movement, including the motion of the head, neck, hands, and various body parts, the robot captivates onlookers with its lifelike interactions. Mukul Ujir's meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship shine through in every aspect of the robot's design, creating an immersive and engaging experience for all who encounter it.

As word of Mukul Ujir's creation spreads, anticipation mounts for the opportunity to witness the robot in action. With its potential to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and foster a deeper appreciation for science and technology, this remarkable invention stands as a beacon of innovation in Barpeta City and beyond. 

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