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AGP leaders join saffron party

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, March 12 � The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), confident of a getting a comfortable majority in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, has predicted that there will be a total rout of the Congress and this democratic exercise will be the last election for the �dynasty�.

Today, the BJP received a shot in the arm as more than 300 individuals from different walks of life joined the BJP, including senior AGP leaders Devadatta Borkotoky, Queen Ojah and Bijon Mahajan.

Addressing media-persons here on Wednesday, senior party leader M Venkaiah Naidu said that the BJP is fully geared to face the election and that Congress is going to be history.

�People of India have exuded confidence in our prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who is decisive, dynamic and development oriented. The Congress, paranoid over the popularity of Modi, has started attacking him personally. But it is very clear that all these tactics of the Congress are going to boomerang on them,� said Naidu adding that Modi is unstoppable and is the only individual who can lead the country.

Naidu mentioned that the failure of the Congress on all fronts, including adoption of strong foreign policies, has been exposed and people no more have faith in this party, which has become frustrated, distressed and demoralised.

�The allies of the Congress are deserting it and it has no explanation for its failures, betrayals and anti-people policies.

�The Congress should now see the writing on the wall and be ashamed,� said Naidu, warning the Congress to stop preaching probity to the BJP as it is like the devil quoting scriptures.

It needs to be mentioned here that Naidu was in the State to attend the State BJP�s election management committee meet wherein the arrangements for the election campaign were reviewed. Naidu observed that in Assam it is going to a straight contest between the BJP and the Congress.

�It is definite that the BJP is going to form the next government and we call upon the people of Assam and the North East to be partners in our government by sending their representatives,� said Naidu.

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