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A green dream

By The Assam Tribune

Ryka Gogoi, Class-IX, Shrimanta Shankar Academy, Dispur, Guwahati.

“No, Mama,” said eight-year-old Tori, “Please don’t make me have these greens.”

Like any other kid, Tori despised veggies. From an early age itself, she had taken to unhealthy eating habits. Her hate for the greens surpassed her love for the junk. But as the saying goes, ‘Dreams are the seedlings of reality, and something similar happened to Tori that brought a change in her life for good.

Bwahahaha! You little weakling, look at me. I’m so huge and strong. The rabbit runs faster because he eats me. I am, indeed, so tasty, full of nutrients and I am sweet too. Yet, you hate me and are suffering for the same. I pity you!” mocked the carrot.

“Guess what, Tori, why do Leo, Martha and Jules never miss school? Because they love us! And we beans love them right back. But look at you, Tori, you have to miss almost half of every week because you get sick. I feel so sorry for you,” sympathised the beans.

Tori was horrified to see the vegetables talking to her. They were much bigger in size compared to her. But as she tried to run from them, she wasn’t able to move her body. It had become so heavy. She realised that eating all the junk food had made her sick, lazy and obese.

“You cannot escape us, Tori. You have to accept us or else…”

“Wake up, Tori, it’s time for school,” called out her mother.

“Mama, I… I... I’m so sorry, I’ll have veggies from today onwards… and be a good girl. I promise.”

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