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A cup of tea filled with immunity boosters

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, July 22 - With immunity being the buzzword in the present pandemic situation across the globe, two entrepreneurs of the State have launched a new �immunity-boosting tea� combining the deep, rich flavour of Assam tea with the immunity-boosting properties of traditional herbs.

Containing mint, cinnamon, ginger, giloy, tulsi, turmeric, amla, ashwagandha, and more � a new tea range �Immuni-Tea� has been launched by Aasmah Tea with all the goodness of the first flushes of freshly picked green tea leaves blended with herbs.

While the benefits of the more common herbs and spices like ginger, mint, and turmeric are well documented, the lesser-known ayurvedic herb giloy (Tinospura Cordifolia), meaning the root of immortality, added to this tea, has anti-oxidant properties, fights bacteria and can lower high blood sugar levels, and is used for dealing with fever and boosting digestion. Tulsi has long been used to ease respiratory problems, while amla, also known as Indian gooseberry is high in Vitamin C and used as a tonic and blood purifier. Studies have proved that ashwagandha is an inflammation marker, which has many other health benefits.

�Wellness matters, and never more than in the present times. In the search to find an immunity-boosting tea, after thorough research, we have blended some well-known and lesser-known ayurvedic herbs and spices in a warming tea, retaining the balance of flavour and health. Aasmah Immuni-Tea�s blend of herbs and spices, therefore, work together in a powerful combination to help boost the immune system. At present, the tea has been launched on online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart and evoked good response,� director of Aasmah Ritvik Saikia told The Assam Tribune. His partner is Manas Pratim Das.

�The quality assurance standards in place ensure Assam CTC Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Orthodox Tea, and now Immuni-Tea meet the criteria of discerning tea lovers, who choose one or more of the blends to get them going in the early morning and give them a boost in the afternoon,� added Saikia.

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