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33 Nalbari schools running with single teachers


NALBARI, Aug 28 - While the Government is trying to uplift the academic atmosphere at the elementary level through Gunotsav, many primary schools in Nalbari district are running without adequate teachers and infrastructure.

In Nalbari district, a total of 33 primary schools are reportedly functioning with a single teacher. Quality education becomes a distant dream when a single teacher is tasked with maintaining a school which has nearly 160 students. The students at the elementary level are suffering a lot and have been deprived of their right of education due to the Government�s negligence. According to the Right to Education (RTE) Act there can be no single teacher school.

The 33 single teacher schools include 10 in Barkshetri education block, 14 in Pub Nalbari education block, four in Paschim Nalbari education block and five in Borigog-Banbhag education block. Despite the large number of students, the Bhangnamari Barbila primary school (156 students), Kuddus Ali Supa EGS (155 students), Madhya Bhangnamari primary school (110 students), Bangnapota Char EGS (140 students) and Ghulerpara primary school (129 students) under Barkshetri education block are functioning with only one teacher.

In Borigog-Banbhag education block, the Balipara EGS (59 students), Barkhala primary school (64 students), Barbari primary school (46 students) are running with only one teacher. Similarly in Pub Nalbari education block, the Millon primary school (50 students) and Pub Sariahtali Moktab primary school with 49 students are running with a single teacher.

The teacher alone manages the school from the mid day meal to imparting quality education. In addition, the teachers have to go for regular training and other official assignments. It may be mentioned here that the first phase Gunotsav of second round is scheduled to be held in the first week of October. The single teacher schools are also gearing up for the same. But only the authorities know how is it possible to show good results without sufficient manpower and adequate infrastructure.

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