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288 cases of misconduct by police registered in 2018

By Rituraj Borthakur

GUWAHATI, March 3 - The State Police Accountability Commission had registered as many as 288 cases of misconduct by police personnel in the year 2018. While as many as 143 cases were related to police inaction, 59 were complaints of harassment, atrocities, misbehavior and threatening.

In its annual report for the year 2018, the commission noted with concern that since its inception several important recommendations were made in its annual reports for enhancing police accountability, but �the commission has not yet been apprised of any decision taken by the government on such recommendations�.

The constitution of the District Police Accountability Authority in each police district or a group of districts is envisaged in Section 84 of the Assam Police Act, 2007.

�The constitution of the District Police Accountability Authority is very much essential as it will provide grass-root level access to the public for seeking the required relief under the provisions of the Act. However, the government is yet to constitute any District Police Accountability Authority, recommendation for which has been made from time to time,� the report pointed out.

It further noted that in many of the police stations and out-posts, CCTV cameras are either not installed or if installed are out of order �which comes in the way of proper disposal of cases by the commission�.

During the year 2018, the commission disposed of 243 cases, while 325 were still pending at the end of the year.

Among the fresh cases registered during 2018, as many as 31 relate to non-registration of FIR, 9 black-mailing, 11 cases of arrest without following due process of law and as many cases of misuse of power.

The commission recommended that the DGP, Assam be given the responsibility to see that proper punishment is awarded to the delinquent police personnel found guilty at the end of a departmental proceeding so as to bring about a wholesome transformation in the police department.

It also recommended that the Home department and DGP may also be entrusted with the responsibility of submission of quarterly reports regularly on the status of the departmental proceedings directed to be initiated.

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