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24 villages of Golaghat under floodwaters

By Correspondent

MAHURAMUKH (DERGAON), July 18 - The flood scene in Golaghat district has remained unchanged in the last few days and as a result, the people in the flood-affected areas are facing a lot of hardships. A total of 24 villages of Bokakhat LAC under Rangamatty and Mahura mouzas to the north of Dergaon town are under floodwaters of river Gelabeel. The villages under Mahura mouza � Nikari Dhansiri, Baligaon, Gutung gaon, Ri Ri, Baraikhowa, Alengmari, Kaliapani, Hahchora, Bankual, Balichapori, Bartal, Goroimari no.1, Goroimari no. 2, Balidowa and Maharichuk were submerged by the floodwaters in the early part of July. When this correspondent visited the areas, he saw that the houses as well as the roads were under flood water.

Similarly, the villages under Rangamatty mouza � Namtemera, Naramari, Medakgaon, Julungabheti, a part of Marangial gaon, Barchapori, Tinigharia and a part of Michimiati are under the floodwaters for the last 17 days. The erosion caused by floodwaters of Gelabeel at Dimaruguri streamlet is so devastating that a 40-year-old granary had to shifted to another place at Nikari Dhansisri.

�It is for the first time in the last 40 years, we saw that the floodwaters have touched our granary,� an elderly farmer stated. The wooden bridge on Dimaruguri streamlet is at risk as the erosion has caused damages on both the ends. The affected people are facing a food crisis. According to allegations made by some people, relief items were distributed only twice by the Bokakhat Revenue Circle and once by the Khumtai Revenue Circle. Due to the prolonged inundation, another threat to the farmers is that the paddy saplings have been completely damaged. And after the floods are over, there will be no cultivation due to the lack of paddy saplings.

On the other hand, the domestic animals have also died due to lack of food. The PWD road passing through Gutung gaon has been severely damaged and is still inundated. In addition to this, the villages and the agricultural fields south of the Negheriting-Bankual embankment have been also submerged.

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