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23.79 lakh voters in Tripura

By Correspondent

AGARTALA, Jan 7 - The number of electors in Tripura stood at 23,79,541, said Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Ashutosh Jindal here today.

Of the total electors, 12,12,578 voters are male and 11,66,963 female voters. The increase in the number of electors is around 1.30 percent, Jindal added.

In course of the revision of electoral rolls, a total of 54,792 names have been enrolled in the rolls, while 24,202 voters� names were deleted. The net addition of voters in the electoral rolls thus stood at 30,590.

Jindal said that there might be some errors in the final electoral rolls. �We have requested all political parties, as well individual voters, to approach the designated people, if needed, for necessary rectification. The process of rectification will end by February,� he said.

With the publication of the final electoral rolls, the State election panel has geared up for the next Lok Sabha elections though the poll schedule is yet to be announced by the Election Commission.

He said the EC will issue PVC EPIC to the new voters free of cost, but �old voters�, if they wish to have PVC EPIC (colour), will have to pay Rs 30 as per guidelines.

On the occasion of the National Voters� day, the State Election Department would hand over PVC EPIC to the new voters on January 25, he said adding that the number of polling stations had been increased to 3,095 and this has been done as per the EC guideline.

Separate CDs comprising final electoral rolls were handed over to the representatives of the ruling CPM and Opposition Congress parties following instructions of the Election Commission of India.

The new rolls show a marginal decrease in the number of females from 964 to 962 per 1,000 males, Jindal added. In last year�s (2013) electoral rolls in Tripura, there were 964 female voters for every 1,000 males, and in 2012 the figure stood at 958.

�Though I have no exact data readily available, the gender ratio in Tripura�s electoral rolls is much higher than the national average and many States in India,� he said.

The CEO said that the names of 623 people have been enrolled in the electoral list of Tripura for every 1,000 people. �The ratio is also higher than the national average,� the official added.

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