Q: Is it possible to become a lactation specialist in India? I see that young mothers often look for one in hospitals and are disappointed.

A: You can definitely become a lactation specialist in India. It is great to know that there are individuals who want to help lactating mothers. A lactation specialist or a lactation consultant helps young mothers in breastfeeding their newborn child. If you have an interest in helping young mothers, you can choose this unique profession which will give you happiness and also help you to earn. To become a lactation specialist in India, you can pursue a short-term course and earn a certificate. You can apply for the Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to become a lactation specialist.

With changing times, the demand for lactation specialists is also growing, and, it is a good career option for women who love nursing and have an interest in serving the newborn baby and the mother. As this is a very emerging career option, challenges exist, but, if there are challenges, growth, too, will be faster.

Answered by: Dr Darshana Garg, Dental Surgeon and Dr Pranjal Kalita, Career Counsellor and Motivational Speaker.


Q: I want to work for the environment as a green entrepreneur. Now, I’m preparing to go for an MBA in marketing as I feel marketing is the best way to kick-start a company. Is it the right decision?

A: It is good to learn that you want to become a green entrepreneur and want to work for the environment. You have taken the right decision; an MBA in marketing will give you exposure to theoretical knowledge and insights of marketing. Marketing plays a significant role in the growth of a business. As you have already set an aim to become an entrepreneur, parallel to your studies, keep exploring different opportunities. After the completion of your MBA, my suggestion is that you join a company or an organisation which is already working in your area of interest; this will give you real-life experience and add an extra dimension to your MBA degree. After two to three years of working, you can start your full-fledged entrepreneurship journey.

Answered by: Dr Pranjal Kalita, Career Counsellor and Motivational Speaker.