Parimita Das

“From the coast of Ipanema, to the island of Capri,
All the way to Guadeloupe... All I need is rhythm divine”

I came to know about the island of Capri only through this song – Rhythm Divine – by Enrique Iglesias. It was only after 15 long years of grooving to this song that I got the opportunity to actually visit the place. Capri is a small island located near Napoli – in the Campania region of Italy. My husband and I took a day trip to Capri from Rome. Our tour bus crossed many quaint villages in Rome en route Napoli. After a two-hour drive, we reached the Bay of Napoli. From there, we took the hydrofoil to Capri. As we sailed past the Bay of Napoli, we enjoyed the breathtaking view of deep blue sea water of the Tyrrhenian Sea. After 40 minutes, we reached the coast of Capri, Marina Grande.

Once in Capri, our guide explained to us that we would be going to the town of Anacapri first, where we could have our lunch and enjoy some sightseeing. Then, we would come back to Capri and head for the spectacular Blue Grotto. We got on a small bus to go to Anacapri – a small town located at an elevation of about 150 m above Capri. Anacapri literally means “above Capri”. On reaching Anacapri, we negotiated steep stairs through narrow streets to reach Piazza Vittoria. Piazzas are basically small Italian market squares. It was a beautiful place to hang out where there were many designer shops as well as local shops selling accessories. Capri is famous for its handmade leather sandals and also the watch brand Capri.

Just near the market area, we saw many tourists gathered together, and, upon checking, we came to know that there is a chairlift service which would take people to Monte Solaro. Since it would take just 40 minutes to visit the mountain and come back, we hopped on the chairlift to go to Monte Solaro. It is a mountain with an elevation of around 589 m, and, is the highest and most panoramic point of Capri. The view from above is anything but breathtaking throughout. Below, you can view the beautiful private Italian villas. From the top, one can see the majestic Faraglioni stones rising from the blue sea.

After coming back from Monte Solaro, we went to a restaurant located in Piazza Vittoria where our lunch was pre-booked. We were greeted with a chilled and tangy lemon drink which was perfect for the Italian summer. Soon, it was time to go back to Capri. We all headed to the same bus which drove us here to Anacapri. Inside the bus, our guide explained how to take a boat to visit the Grottos. This was the last part of our trip but also the most exciting one. There were different types of boat services one can take to see the grottos from Marina Grande. We opted for a boat with a capacity of 10-12 people, which would take us to all the grottos in the region and encircle the Faraglioni to have a close view of these mighty fixtures.

As the boat started sailing towards the middle of the deep blue sea, we could see the terrains of this Mediterranean Island. Grotta Azzurra, also known as the Blue Grotto, is a sight to behold. Grottos are basically small sea caves where sunlight can pass through and which gives different hues of colour to the seawater. Due to this effect, the water inside these caves looks sparkly and unimaginably beautiful. Our boat captain slowed down for a few minutes so that we could all enjoy the view. Then, our boat started towards another grotto, Grotta Verde, also known as the Green Grotto. After, witnessing the incredible and mesmerising grottos, our boat slowly sailed towards the Faraglioni. These stones are a mighty rock formation rising and shinning in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea. I was in total awe of these beauties as our boat came closer to these spectacular rocks. I must say, this boat ride around the island was one of the most fulfilling of experiences.

As we departed, a bronze statue of a young boy sitting on top of a cliff waved us goodbye, and, that is how our tour of the island came to an end. As it was time to take the hydrofoil back to Napoli port, we took the same route and ended our day in Bernini Piazza in Rome.