“The path to success is single-minded focus on your dream.”

Namita Bhattacharya is a well-known singer who was recently honoured with the Shilpi Bota by the Assam Government.

Whatever I am today I owe it to my family. After the evening prayers, our koka – the late Nabin Sharma, would take out his harmonium and encourage us to sing. I was at complete liberty to hone my singing skills. I learnt classical music under Hiren Sharma and Jibon Barua. The year 1974 was a landmark one. I did playback singing for Toramai. It released the next year. So far I have had the good fortune of singing for about 20 films.

Singing on stage and in films differs, in that in films you are bound to the context of the story. You can be yourself and improvise on stage. I used to practise regularly as a girl and have reverted to that now that my children are grown up. The path to success is single-minded focus on your dream.

(As told to Indrani Raimedhi)