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Comets brought carbon to Earth, Mars: Study

Washington, March 6: Comets could have been an essential source of carbon on planets like Earth and Mars during the early formation of the solar system, says a new study. "Carbon is key to learning about the origins of life," said the paper's lead author, Charles Woodward, Professor at the

TV prices have soared 300% in the last 8 months

New Delhi, March 5: The per unit cost of TVs will go up by at least Rs 2000-3000 starting April 1st, 2021. In the last eight months alone, TV prices have soared upto 300% causing a net escalation of almost INR 3000-4000 per unit. Besides the prices of TV panels

WhatsApp introduces one on one calling from Desktop app

New Delhi, March 4: WhatsApp on Thursday announced that private and secure one-to-one voice and video calls are now available on the desktop app for Windows and Apple Mac devices. To make desktop calling more useful, WhatsApp has made sure it works seamlessly for both portrait and landscape orientation. It

India's scientists make low-cost optical telescope for seeing distant quasars, galaxies

New Delhi, March 4: Keeping in mind Prime Minister's call to develop technology in all spheres, Indian scientists have indigenously designed and developed a low-cost optical spectrograph. This can locate sources of faint light from distant quasars and galaxies in a very young universe, regions around supermassive black-holes around the

You could soon check into a 'space hotel'

San Francisco, March 3: If you are a space enthusiast, there is more exciting news as a US-based space construction company, Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), is planning to make the world's first "space hotel" operational within this decade. Construction of this space structure designed to accommodate about 400 people is

Twitter to block users tweeting Covid misinformation

New Delhi, March 2: Twitter has announced to label Tweets that may contain misleading information around Covid vaccinations and will permanently suspend repeated offenders. The micro-blogging platform has introduced a strike system against such misleading tweets and five or more strikes will result in permanent suspension of the account. "We

NASA astronauts complete 7 hour-long spacewalk

Washington, March 1: In the third spacewalk of the year outside the International Space Station, NASA astronauts Kate Rubins and Victor Glover concluded their spacewalk after 7 hours and 4 minutes. The two NASA astronauts began work on Monday to install modification kits required for the upcoming solar array upgrades,