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The pathogen called gender discrimination

A lot of frontline workers have been suffering from depression with resultant psychosomatic illnesses.

Absurd utterances

Irresponsible utterances by public functionaries are nothing new in Assam, more so during poll time. But what Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said in an interview, ruling out the necessity of even wearing a mask at a time when the contagion has resurfaced strongly across the country, including in the

Perversity of competitive populism

Come election, every political party offers freebies and makes fancy promises irrespective of the affordability of a State’s fiscal capacity or their feasibility in the context of the State’s realities.


The downpour on Sunday evening made it very apparent that the Smart City concept is only an attempt to make the residents of the capital city Guwahati have a feel good factor. The smart shower threw normal life out of gear. Vehicular traffic came to a grinding halt at several

Guwahati’s water woes

Dwaipayan From a recent study of the Guwahati Jal Board’s official website, what is fathomable is that most of the existing water supply plants have already outlived their intended utilities and, as such, they need their immediate replacement. But the authorities concerned were allegedly hemming and hawing to do

Harsh reality

That Indian society is male dominated is a harsh reality reflected in their poor representation in the political sphere of the nation. No doubt, in India, we notice that with every election, more women MPs are elected. For instance, 78 women candidates were elected to Parliament out of around 700

Seeing through the maze

Dr Roman Sarmah The valleys of the Brahmaputra and the Barak are resonating with sounds of trumpets, drums, songs, and foul language too, in this hour of the democratic festival – the elections. The craze to grab the seat of power has assumed a madding proportion and the means of varied