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The Bavarian trail

VIJAYLAKSHMI BARUA dwells on the pleasures of passing through Nature’s most wondrous sights.

UP CLOSE - The story of dawn

Born and brought up in Guwahati, Kamakhya Narayan Singh has toured the world to tell the stories of life, travel and culture over the years. Though he has never been to a film school, Singh knows his craft of storytelling pretty well.

Tough times

MANASH PRATIM DUTTA writes how the transgender community was stymied by the corona challenge.

WOMEN PLUS - Curse of womanhood

The tea industry is the only sector in which the majority of the workers are female. Since women are able to engage in the quality picking of tea leaves, a majority of women are recruited and subjugated.

MYRIAD HUES - A big win

Priya Ramani’s acquittal in the MJ Akbar defamation case has come as a ray of hope in the fight against sexual harassment at workplaces.

Culinary Corner

Sharmin Pasha is a food writer currently based in Dubai, UAE, where she teaches privately-organised cooking lessons on different techniques of cooking.


I had experienced a strong weakness for airplanes from childhood. Whenever I heard the humming sound of the airplane, I could not restrain myself inside the house; I would rush out and keep staring at the fast moving plane with a mix of joy and sadness.