HYDERABAD, Feb 8: Alerted by an eighth standard student about felling of a 40-year-old neem tree near his house here, the forest department on Monday slapped a fine of Rs 62,075 on the man who did it.

The man had cut the tree, saying it was obstructing construction of his new house, a forest department official said.

The boy, noticing that the tree had been axed this morning, rang up the forest department’s toll free number 1800 425 5364, identified himself as a ‘Green Brigadier’ and requested that action be taken against those responsible for cutting the tree. Official enquiries revealed that the man had not taken prior permission to cut the tree. The man was then slapped with a fine of Rs 62,075, which he paid.

Forest department officials congratulated the boy for acting responsibly by complaining over the tree felling. – PTI