City Correspondent

GUWAHATI, Jan 25: Kishma Venture, a social entrepreneur startup of the State, has announced season 2 of ‘Mon Pokhila – Dream of a Woman’, which is a platform to establish the cultural talents of married women who do not get any support to showcase their cultural and creative talents.

The platform focuses mainly on those middleclass women who are talented and educated but are mostly losing their own identity due to personal and family reasons.

After conducting season one, Kishma Venture released its first commercial music album Mon Pokhila Volume-1 in association with Dhwani Records. There are four songs of 20 minutes’ track in the album. All song writers and singers are married women and they have all worked on a commercial project for the first time breaking all barriers.

Kishma Venture provides training to transform and polish women’s talents and personality by experts which helps them build their confidence level.