City Correspondent

GUWAHATI, Jan 31: A riverside clean up drive was conducted today at the Brahmaputra riverbank in Fancy Bazar here.

Jeevan Initiative, The Midway Journey, Xondhan, Northeast Waste Collective, Pampearth, Yours Thriftfully and other voluntary organisations came together for the cause. The volunteers cleaned around one kilometre of the area.

The riverside cleanliness drive was part of the SilaNoi-10th Jeevan Kite River Festival which has been organised every year to sensitize people on the clean tourist-friendly riverside. The festival is also Guwahati’s first zero-waste mass event.

The festival will be held on February 5, 6 and 7 from 11 am to 9 pm at the riverbank of the Brahmaputra in the Fancy Bazar area.

Besides kite flying, the activities of the festival include art installations, exhibitions, photography contest, art contest, bloggers’ contest and other programmes. An annual Brahmaputra Quiz will also be held.

There will be an open mic session, calligraphy workshop, etc., besides live music and a variety of cultural programmes. Adventure sports like hot-air balloon, kayaking and biking will be there at the festival.