Manish Goswami

Finally, the curtains come down on the election drama, and, the voters accomplish their democratic duty by pushing the EVM button. While the voters are speculating the results, the political parties have got busy with their alignment and realignment game. The horse traders are now in high demand to indentify the fickle horses that are ready to change their stables. One horse bolted on election eve. Diehard foes became the best of friends. To taste the fruits of power at any cost is what matters the most. Now, power is the only ideology which binds them all.

The poor voter is a small pawn in the game of thrones. Riding on his piggy back, the politicians are busy planning how to make hay if the sun shines on them for the next five years. But, for the voter, life goes on as usual. Meeting some of the voters after the heat and the dust of the elections had settled, I got some interesting observations on what this great day of reckoning means to them.

A voter from a rural area seemed very excited, “Look, we seldom get to see any vehicles in our villages as there are hardly any roads. But, now, look: helicopters are landing in our backyards. Thanks to elections, we are getting the thrill of our lifetimes watching the helicopters landing and taking off.”

“I simply fail to comprehend how they can make the same set of promises over and over again,” quipped a voter. “During elections, all the political parties bombard us with assurances which they never intend to fulfil.” Another voter standing near him vehemently disagreed and commented, “No, they make new promises as well. This time, a candidate promised to make his constituency as developed as Singapore within three years.”

A young voter confided, “I wish we had elections quite often as we get a chance to be gainfully employed albeit temporarily. Without having to pay the mandatory commission right from the middlemen to the politician, we get job offers during election time. Isn’t it strange the politicians themselves request us to work for them? The funny part is that we can dictate terms to our aspiring leaders and quote our price. And, once the elections are over, we are discarded like a sack of rotten potatoes. They even fail to recognise us. For us, it is another long wait for the next elections.”

Another voter disclosed that he never knew his worth and it was only during elections that he became aware of it. “Just imagine the ordeal that you must undergo in meeting the elected representatives in Janata Sadan. Standing for hours in the long queue, being frisked by the glum-faced security personnel, et al. But, now, the very set of leaders, who were cocooned in cosy comfort, enjoying the trappings of power, are now visiting my doorstep, along with their sidekicks and requesting me with folded hands to press the button in their favour. Amazing, isn’t it?

“I simply love elections,” said a starry-eyed enthusiastic voter. “After closely monitoring the election campaign, I have realised that our political leaders have miserably failed to realise their true worth.”

“How come?”

“Because they are the best entertainers and can give top-notch Hollywood and Bollywood stars a run for their money. In front of a crowd, without the luxury of any retakes, the way they act and dance is, indeed, amazing.”

“Among the political leaders, whom do you consider having the best acting talent?

“Well, that’s a tough one as all the politicians have great acting skills. With their dialogue delivery, they can easily emotionally surcharge the crowd. But, I think, no one can ace the perfection of Hemen Vishwakarma!”

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