Sir, – The posts of Medical Social Worker (MSW) under the Department of Community Medicine (SPM) are non-medical in nature. Nowhere in the MCI guidelines/regulations has it been mentioned as faculty positions or teaching posts. For the recruitment to non-medical posts, the criterion of UGC norms may not be applicable as mandatory. The original advertisement published in The Assam Tribune (June 16, 2019) for the above posts of MSW for the medical colleges in the State issued by the Medical and Health Recruitment Board, Assam had no such mention of the criterion of UGC norms. Subsequently, a corrigendum was uploaded in their website on June 24, 2019 stating the subject as Master’s degree in Social Work with UGC norms having specialization in Medical Social Work. Again, in another corrigendum to the same advertisement published in this daily (July 11, 2019), one more subject, Sociology, was added along with the subject Social Work with UGC norms, etc. Thus, it appears that the Board concerned did not consult any expert of the Department of SPM to know whether the MSW posts are teaching or non-teaching faculty posts and that too, what subject and specialization are required for the same.

It is also learnt that there were about 500 candidates who applied for the aforesaid posts with treasury challan of category-wise fee of Rs 200 and Rs 150. However, the Board concerned enlisted only 22 candidates out of the total about 500 applicants for the recruitment to 22 MSW posts! If the number of vacancies is 22 and the number of shortlisted candidates is also 22, then what is the necessity for calling such an interview on February 10, 2021 depriving about 478 candidates without giving them a chance to qualify themselves in a merit test? They should also have the rights to know the grounds of rejection of their candidature for the aforesaid posts. Yours etc., ARUN KUMAR SINHA, Guwahati.

NH-37 or NH-27?

Sir, – It is known to all of us that the names and numbers of the National Highways in our country are usually given by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The Ministry adopted a new scheme of the National Highways in April 2010. It is a systematic numbering scheme based on the orientation and the geographic location of the highway concerned. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) was set up in 1988 which is responsible for the development, maintenance and management of highways in India. It is pertinent to mention here that India has the second largest road network in the world.

How the numbers are assigned to the National Highways in India is another interesting fact. For all the National Highways from north to south of the country, even numbers are used and it is assigned from east to west in the ascending order. In other words, for high longitudes, lower numbers and for lower longitudes high numbers are assigned. As such NH-2 is located in the NE States and NH-68 is located in Rajasthan.

However, this letter is more precisely about the number of the same highway which seems to be different in the newly-hanged hoardings by the NHAI, for example, NH-37. Being an inhabitant of a district by which the NH-37 passes through, from our childhood we are writing the number of the Highway connecting Nagaon and Guwahati as the NH-37. Of late, it has been noticed that the newly-constructed pillars of the NHAI show the number of the same Highway as NH-27 in some areas while, some other pillars show it as NH-37. This is utterly confusing as since our childhood, this has been the NH-37.

I again searched the Assam PWD’s website but found no mention of a National Highway with the number as 27. I hope the authorities concerned will do the needful. Yours etc., UTPALA SAIKIA, Jagial, Nagaon.

APSC woes

Sir, – We came to know from your esteemed newspaper that Rajib Kumar Bora has been appointed as the APSC chairman on February 9 last. A man of high ethics and an experienced bureaucrat, Bora is an example of non-conformist character in the era of nepotism, favouritism and corruption. This is no doubt a welcome step.

We want to draw his attention to what is actually happening in the APSC examination cell in the name of ‘answer keys’ in almost every examination. And like a partner in crime with the question setters, the APSC is still silent on the allegations which are known to everybody in recent times. Three-four wrong answer keys in a competitive examination is not a matter of joke. It can change the career and destiny of any candidate to a great extent. The screening test result of the exam for the research assistant under the Transformation and Development Department is such an example. They have declared the screening test result on January 29, 2021 on the basis of wrong answer keys. We now expect the new chairman to look into the matter and take steps for the greater interest of the candidates. Yours etc., SOME DEPRIVED CANDIDATES.

School recognition

Sir, – Through your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention of the State Education Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma towards leaving out one recognized school, namely, the Marakalong Tengaguri Model ME School, from the list of provincialized schools which was declared on February 7 last. It has saddened the teachers of the school. The school was established in 1995 and recognized in 2005. It may be mentioned that the State Government has provincialized the schools having DISE code 2009-10. Unfortunately, this school got the DISE code 2010-11. Hope the minister concerned will take a positive step. Yours etc., PRANJAL KUMAR SHARMA, Morigaon.


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