Joyshree Baruah

Suits have shed the ‘formal’ tag, for now, power suits are making a commanding statement on all platforms, irrespective of one’s gender. When donning a power suit, the trick is to focus on subtle elegance with understated yet deliberate detail. Rather than overdoing it with harsh colours and bold accessories, opting for classy features does the job.

l The fit should be modern and flattering without being overly tight. The overall objective should be towards confidence. The power suits are no longer limited to boxy cuts, and are now more body-flattering and comfortable.

l Go for the stylish crisp power suit, styled with wide-legged trousers and pointed boots. Accessorising with the correct details is the key. Be it a classic handbag, a luxury scarf, a or commanding pair of heels, the power suit must be paired right.

l Aim for classic and conservative details such as notched lapels, straight flap pockets, and side vents. Ticket pockets and contrast stitching are also fashion favourites.

l Luxury cufflinks that use simple metallic colours are particularly effective in making a power suit go full glam. Give your outfit that extra impact with a smartwatch or a belt or even statement earrings for that full effect.

l When it comes to colour, remember that it’s not always about black, navy and grey. Experiment with the gamut of colours available and make your own customised version of the power suit.

We’ve moved away from stiff fits and muted colours to modern cuts and bold prints, but the aim of the suit is the same: project confidence, competence, and strength. So, go full glam this season with the power suit, making a statement on the way.