Compiled by Indrani Raimedhi

Bringing you books the chatterati are talking about.

Love and Other Poems

By Alex Dimitrov

Alex Dimitrov has come up with an intense and sensitive collection of poems which are contemporary and timeless. One of his poems grew from a single line written every day on his Twitter account. His delicate poems prove that even solitude can be a shared experience.


Mike Nichols: A life

By Mark Harris

T his is a 600-page book with a lot of annotations. It is about Nichols who lived life on a grand scale. Through his work and experiences we get to see the gradual evolution of Hollywood. Mark Harris does a good job of building on the legend with context.


Surviving the White Gaze

By Rebecca Carroll

This is a moving, extraordinary account of the author being raised by White foster parents. She is the only Black girl within a wide radius. Her life is intruded upon by her biological mother and Rebecca is forced to confront her racial identity.


Dear Kamala: Women Write to the new Vice President

Edited by Peggy Brooks-Bertram

Kamala Harris holds the second most powerful office in the free world. Her life and victory has inspired countless women to write to her. These letters are compiled in this volume. They deal with issues like race, gender, climate change and civil rights.