Aizawl, March 3: Champhai district in eastern Mizoram that shares long porous border with Myanmar is bracing for possible influx of refugees from the neighbouring country following the military coup.

Deputy Commissioner Champhai Maria C T Zuali informed the people of the district and village authorities along the border areas to welcome Myanmarese nationals trying to take shelter in their respective villages.

In a notification, Zuali said that those who are in danger of persecution from the Myanmar military junta, due to their involvement in political parties or any other organisations, would be regarded as refugees and should be provided shelter and protection in the district. The notification said that there is a possibility that huge number of people may take flight seeking shelter in Mizoram following the military coup d'etat and crackdown on activists of the ongoing civil disobedience movement

She asked the village authorities, as well as the people, to strictly comply of the standard operating procedure (SOP) for refugees from Myanmar, formulated by the state home department.

All the village authorities were instructed to maintain records on any one who fled Myanmar and entered their villages, including their conditions by filling in prescribed proforma.

The refugees would be registered and Identity Cards would be issued by the Deputy Commissioner.

All the refugees would be lodged in relief camps from where no one would be allowed to venture out on their own. Sick persons would be issued movement permits by the Deputy Commissioner in accordance with the health certificate issued by the Chief Medical Officer of the district, the notification said.

No entry of Myanmarese refugees into Mizoram has been recorded so far since the February 1 coup