AIZAWL, Feb 15: Mizoram Pradesh Congress today submitted an FIR to the State Lokayukta demanding an investigation into suspected fraud in procurement of land by Mizo National Front-led Aizawl Municipal Corporation.

According to the Congress vigilance department’s FIR, the AMC purchased a 12-bigha land at Ailawng village in 2018 for construction of AMC park.

“Whereas the land was purchased at Rs 98 lakh from one Rinsanguia of Ailawng village as per official document, the actual land owner is Rochanmawia, a resident of Upper Republic in Aizawl, who actually received Rs 40 lakh for the land.

Moreover, the land was being mortgaged to Asian Bulls Construction and Developers Limited (ABCD) at the time of the purchase.

There are irregularities in this land deal, the Congress party claimed and demanded the Lokayukta to probe into it.

In another similar case, the AMC purchased another 12-bigha land at Sihphir Neihbawi near Aizawl for the purpose of a solid waste management centre.

“Whereas the land was procured at Rs 64 lakh as per the AMC document, the land owner Zahminglina of Sihphir Neihbawih said that he sold at the land at Rs 25 lakh,” the FIR stated.

The Congress vigilance committee demanded the Lokayukta to probe into the suspected misuse of public money in these land deals.

Important documents supporting the allegations were also enclosed with the FIR.

The Congress party disclosed the suspected fraud in the land deals in a press conference on February 9.

Congress vigilance committee chairman Lalthanglawra Ngurte said that they submitted the complaint as there has been no clarification on the disclosures either from the AMC or MNF, which “strongly indicated that our findings were true”.

The Congress move came a day before Aizawl goes to municipal polls on February 16.