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AZARA, Jan 27: Around 20 water supply schemes in Ramcharani Zila Parishad area under West Guwahati LAC have been lying defunct for years together resulting in severe crisis of pure drinking water in the localities.

It may be noted here that the Guwahati Division-1 of the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department started the water supply schemes at Azara, Barbari, Hirapara-Lapatul, Lower Mirzapur, Bhaktobari, Kuhabari, Garal, Mazirgaon, Borjhar, Dekapara, Kahikuchi, Maria, Jobe, Chakardew, Pacaniapara etc., in Ramcharani Zila Parishad under West Guwahati LAC several years back. But all the schemes have been lying defunct till today though they are shown as running officially.

The people in those localities have been deprived of pure drinking water due to which they are suffering from several water-borne diseases. They have therefore urged the local MLA to take concrete steps in this regard immediately.