Kongkona Baishya

“No one has ever cared for me the way you do, Anamika,” said Rituraj. Anamika blushed as Rituraj expressed his feelings. He walked her to her hostel room, and, before leaving, took her in his arms, kissed her, and said, “No matter what people say, you are a good soul with a good heart, remember this.”

From that very moment, Rituraj became her world. Anamika was healing from a terrible break-up. It was enough to destroy her self-esteem, her faith in love, and almost everything that could possibly give someone a reason to die. But, Anamika decided to give life a chance, and with Rituraj in her life, she couldn’t be happier. She knew she could walk with him in hell.

Anamika decided to call Rituraj.

“Hey, I need to ask you something. My mother is talking about finding suitors for me. Will you talk to my family? I don’t want any confusion.”

“Anamika, I just don’t know how to say it! I talked to my parents about you, they have been very liberal in their thoughts, but they want me to marry in the same caste. It’s not about them though, I am not ready for commitment, it’s too early.”

Anamika felt a familiar pain that choked her breath.

“But, you said you love me.”

“That’s because I panicked…”

“Do you know what are you saying, Rituraj? If you don’t love me, why did you approach me? I didn’t hide anything from you; you already knew I was trying to heal. Tell me… have I done anything wrong?

“No…no… You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s entirely my fault, my weakness. I liked you and I got carried away. But, I don’t love you. I am so sorry for the suffering I have caused you but I can’t force my heart, it feels what it feels. I’m sure you will find someone worthy of your love.”

Anamika disconnected the line as something broke inside her.