Sir, – In terms of the Rules 5-9 of the Assam Land Records Manual, the settlement of waste land is given on written application for one year (eksonia) and under Section 16-18 of the Assam Land and Revenue Regulations, 1886, pattas are given to settlement holders other than land holders in terms of the procedures as per the rules under settlement operation. In both the cases, revenue as per notification is to be credited to the government. In case of the former, pattas may be given to landless persons and in case of the later, the same are given to settlement holders only. Separate pattas are also given to land holders on separation of joint pattas. Hence, three types of pattas are generally issued by the Revenue Department (Settlement Branch) to different categories of applicants. It was not clear what type of pattas have been distributed by the Prime Minister in the meeting held at Jerenga Pathar in Sivasagar on January 23. Whether the pattas were given to landless persons or to settlement holders other than land holders or to land holders. If the pattas were given to landless persons, then those were for settlement in non-cadastral areas. If the pattas were given to settlement holders, then those were pending for a long time. Similarly if the pattas were given to land holders, then those were nothing but for separation of joint pattas. However, issuing pattas to individuals is a routine nature of works of the Settlement Branch of the DC office. The efforts made by the State Government for distribution of pattas to deserving indigenous landless persons are truly commendable. But care must be taken to ensure that the indigenous people are not left out preferring the outsiders on priority basis. There are many families in Guwahati who are living on eksonia pattaland as well as on government land for years together by constructing permanent houses. If the programme covers indigenous landless families of the city, then it would obviously be a remarkable job and most helpful indeed. Yours etc., APURBA KUMAR GOGOI, Batahghuli, Guwahati.