Anwesha Hazarika

Conventionality is a human favourite. In the conundrum called life, illusion chases us everywhere. We are all trapped in this illusionary notion of success, where a conventionally successful career is seen as the ideal one. I, being part of the youth, like to stick to YouTube or blogs, watching or reading success stories or motivational videos, which, I think, everyone can indulge in to a certain extent, to boost one’s confidence, which somewhere at some point, might have been lost.

But, what disturbs me generally is ‘conventionality’. Here, the character of Farhan from the movie 3 Idiots is relatable, who was forced to take up a career in engineering, even though he had shown impressive talent and interest in wildlife photography. A dogmatic approach to a career is stamped on by the society as ‘successful’. Today, the youths are becoming confident enough to question the parochial mindset of being ‘successful’. For them, everything is fair unless one’s approach to earning a living inflicts harm on anyone. All jobs are not the same and they do not cater to everyone’s job satisfaction. Over the years, society has hardly respected one’s passion to pursue a career like photography, music, dance, painting, acting, modelling, travelling, etc. The freedom to pursue a career of one’s choice is very pertinent to reducing the suicide rates among the youths today. However, with time, mindsets are changing and we are slowly opening up to different career choices, career switches, sabbaticals, etc.

It is completely okay to be unconventional. It is easy for the society to be opinionated regarding what will be the best employment opportunities, classifying according to different class and gender backgrounds, etc. But, it is what the individual chooses as a career, his/her sexuality, decision to get married or have children that eventually matters. An unconventional life can be led with pride and self-satisfaction. Confidence and being firm in one’s choices is very important here, to stress on one’s value of work in the society, if questioned. Open-ended perspectives can foster one’s growth towards one’s dream, whatever it may be.

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