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The ‘simpool’ voter.

GUWAHATI, March 5: Adding a touch of novelty to its bid to enhance voter participation in the Assembly elections, the Kamrup district administration has roped in actor-comedian Rajkumar Thakuria – better known as ‘Raku Da’ among his fans – as brand ambassador for the polls.

“Rajkumar is a celebrity with a huge fan following and his unique dialogues, dialogue delivery, mannerism, singing and dancing, etc., are one of a kind that have endeared him to the masses. He strikes a deep rapport with the audience and we believe having him as brand ambassador can be very effective in driving home the message of importance of people’s participation in polls in a humorous manner,” an official said.

According to the social media response received, Rajkumar’s association with the Kamrup district administration has been an immediate hit with the audience, as testified to by over 60,000 views and engagements of his videos till date.

“It shows that he has been able to connect with the audience in the desired manner, fulfilling the motive of getting the audience’s attention to deliver information about the elections,” the official added.

In addition to roping in Rajkumar, the district administration has put in place a set of innovative campaign strategies comprising social media and offline activities and has gained wide popularity for them.

Although the district has a good history of high voter turnout in the past, the administration is striving to further boost people’s participation.

The administration is also aiming to make grassroots interventions in the form of streetplays in remote locations to attract more voters to register and participate in the upcoming elections. Roping in local youth groups by targeting colleges in the district and choosing youth ambassadors to lead voting awareness events consisting of interactive competitions, quiz and general information dissemination is another strategy adopted.

“Even in the post-Covid-19 times, these events have been hugely popular with the youths thereby resulting in good participation and enthusiastic interactions. With the brilliant response that has been received from the audience so far, the Kamrup district administration is now all set to regroup for the next set of SVEEP activities to further encourage voter participation and ensure that no voter is left behind, in the true spirit of the State Assembly Elections 2021,” the official said.

“The Kamrup district administration has roped in popular local comedian Rajkumar Thakuria, better known as ‘Raku Da’ as the brand ambassador for SVEEP activities for the upcoming elections. We are happy to have him join us! Are you excited? #vote #elections #voter @ECISVEEP,” its official Twitter handle said.

The Twitter handle of the district administration also shared a post which read together with a photograph of Rajkumar, “I am a ‘simpool’ voter turning into brand ambassador.”

That Rajkumar who lives at Mirza happens to be a local resident of the district, has also helped to connect with the local voters in a more energetic manner.