Come Home...

Come home O’ winter!

You are longed for in many unknown ways,

The relentess rains over night and all day,

Whispers to me that you are near and happy.

Winter rains are rains like no other,

For you bring not only you,

But a bunch of memories alongwith...

Dear winter, your vibes feel awesome!

You rejuvenate me, you purify me,

You give birth to a new life in me.

And, with you I can’t be ‘un-busy’.

You are such a blessing,

A ravishing beauty!

Shaheen Akhtar,


Home I Left Behind

I bid adieu to my home,

Those seven steps took me away,

Can’t see beyond the dome,

Bewailing paved my way.

Long gone those days,

That threshold was my Eden,

But had to leave, though ablaze,

A new testament, all of a sudden.

Many a change,

I have seen so far,

Begin with a crawling,

Departed in a car.

Given life by my mother,

Nurtured by my father,

Named after my grandmother,

Commemorate with kith and kin.

Why such societal norms?

I had to leave my home.

Oh dear brother!

You neither flinch nor care,

Sent me with a stranger,

Has my home been able to bear?

Very well, she knows me,

That Bengal quince tree,

Was and always will be,

The witness of my history.

Rashmita Saikia,

Via e-mail.

The Rainy Evening...

The paths were painted with crystals of drips,

The woods were dark and eerie,

The clouds in the sky seem to rip,

Nature seemed closing its all-day diary.

Walking down the moist lane,

It reminds me of the moment,

When I met a traveller from Utopia;

The evening was cold and frozen.

In the shower of drizzles,

My hand absorbed in his hand,

The breeze filled with the music of a fiddle,

Our hearts being spanned.

Never felt the rain so beautiful before,

The storm now seems to be pleasant and charming,

And not afraid of the thunder anymore;

Life is no more lonely and grim.

Poonam Das,

Pune, Maharashtra.

A Fairy-Tale Princess

As long as there is love in me... I need no money,

For I am the fairy-tale princess.

Poverty is a vice... richness is a virtue.

For I know in my heart that this is not entirely true.

For street children like us, unlike many,

We still have the richness –an ocean of love.

Which itself is all we have and all we need.

Which in itself is true.

Tasty meals, beautiful clothes, barbie dolls, books,

I sometimes look for them in shops and schools.

When harsh reality strikes that I can’t have any,

Then I say to myself these things mean nothing,

For as long as I have my family... I have everything.

I have never seen my father or my mother,

But that’s not to despair,

For I am rich in heart, for I am rich in friends,

I stay with my puppies, I play with my puppies,

They are my world for they are all I have,

For I am all they have,

They are not just puppies... they are my family.

As long as I am with my family

I fear no fear. I fear no poverty.

As long as I am with my puppies

I feel no cold... no disharmony.

As long as there is love in me... I need no money.

For I am the fairy-tale princess.

Dr Heemanshu Shekhar Gogoi,

Deoghar, Jharkhand.

When You Have a Choice

When you have a choice to appreciate, don’t envy;

When you have a choice to be confident,

Don’t be afraid.

When you have a choice to become the real you,

Don’t be plastic.

When you have a choice to feel the peace, don’t focus on evils.

When you have a choice to move on, don’t dwell in the past.

When you have a choice to be safe, don’t be toxic.

When you don’t have

Anymore beautiful choices to make,

It’s okay to not have a choice;

But when you have a choice,

Make a better choice.

Bitharai Narzary,