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By The Assam Tribune
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The Road with No Destination

The road with no destination

Had been awful,

Even if I knew, I misled my mind

And now, I am lost in the midst.

Terrified by the darkness of night,

My will to move was shattered.

Sitting under a tree by the roadside,

I stared at the stars.

What made me follow the route?

Was it temptation or something else?

The eagerness to get a “shooting star”

Made my heart cry aloud.

Dhurjjati Sankar Das,

Via e-mail.


The Silent Hill

All is not well on the silent hill,

The bells of doom rang,

And, life gave away a shrill.

Sky that was bright and the beautiful sun,

Was not enough to make the children run.

All is not well on the silent hill.

When the time was to cherish love,

And, the sky belonged to the pretty dove,

Humanity was frozen in a fanatic frenzy.

Lovers cried, away from their warming hub.

To touch her dying father, the daughter yells.

All is not well on the silent hill.

All is not well on the silent hill,

Wives widowed, children deserted and kneeling,

To the Almighty and to death,

They know nothing and yet they feel.

Death danced freely, yet hopes of living revealed.

All will be well on the silent hill.

Moupran Gayan,



My Love Valentine

Love, an emotion so great

Surpassed all darkness and hate

A story of how you found your soulmate

In different tongues translate.

Passed on from generation to generation

Is the cause of many lovers’ elation

I hear the sound of your palpitation

As the story becomes your salvation.

A sonnet written in violet ink

That made his blind lover see

The brief romance they felt that day

Since time immemorial, with us it stayed.

Love, accept one another

May this love never falter

May it survive the wrath of the hourglass

And wait for you at the altar.

Let your love grow

Warm wind of Spring will blow

You shall look back upon the days

That had strengthened your love so it would never fade.

You shall look back on this day

When you knew your love was to stay.

Anannya Choudhury,



Flaming gloom

Like the bleached dawn,

Or the chaos pawn.

The Neverland shattered,

With the mourning leader,

Who had a platinum sliver

It is a pity!

Agreed the sun’s ally.

A world with outstanding beauty,

With a divine melody.

The angels sang with outstanding glory.

The twilight came here to brace its bright.

With the emerald eye.

The phoenix queered,

With its dazzling sphere,

Longing with its atmosphere.

All that is left is despair,

Along with its firely heir.

The darkness crumbled the glory,

With its heartwarming story.

It is now a sinister bloom,

Along with its flaming gloom.

Minhazur Rahman,





The sun kisses

The edge of the blues,

And, doesn’t stop there.

The night comes, then,

Spreading some reddish light

In my eyes,

Sleepless, I wait for the twilight.

Kalpajyoti Ray,


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