All About You

Strolling past my face,

The cold wind reminds me of you.

With my earphones jacked into my ears,

The music intonating takes me to you.

The duo in combination,

Plugs the chords of my heart beating for you.

The emerging musical eternity

Rewinds every memory of you.

Dr Gitartha Talukdar,


Dawn of Hope

I’ve let winds ruffle my hair,

And, sunrays cast spells on me,

I glance at the azure sky with awe,

For the serenity it bestows

Upon the frazzled soul.

The mountains stand

With all their might

Shrouded by clouds,

Yet, so robust and unfaltering.

These clouds you see,

Are the chronicles of hushed prayers,

Of the souls in need.

I’ve stealthily let evolve my dawn of thoughts,

To mingle into the horizon of imagination,

Together, it was the crepuscular rays of euphoria.

It held petals of a hundred stories,

Each had bloomed like the dawn of hope.

Akankshya Hazarika,


The Dream

There dwells a dream within

The ruins of my conflicted thoughts,

Beneath the roof of my frail fallacies;

Breathing in a listless life and

Pouring out a stubborn sanity;

Floating as the colourless banner in mind

And flying as the green flag in heart,

It is the dream, I will dare to keep.

Abhilekha Phukan,


Soul Dance

My soul dances

To the music that silence creates,

Silence that has its own beauty

Deeply embedded in my veins,

Its rhythm lets my body sway,

Trying to break free, but also

Loves to dwell in its own world,

Beneath my skin.

Priyalakshmi Gogoi,


Ceaseless is Your Absentia

(A tribute to late Ajit Kumar Das)

Ceaseless is your absentia,

Your profound lessons of sincerity,

Your passionate sanguinity towards life amidst all adversities,

The innocent version of you – the child within you

Who never lets you grow old till the end,

The human within and without you,

Who suffers brutally at the suffering of others,

How could you dare ceasing ever?

Jahnabi Deka