City Correspondent

GUWAHATI, Feb 21: To popularise the Assamese tea tradition on the world stage, Pabhojan Tea Estate in collaboration with Arin Tea Pvt Ltd is organising the Assamese Tea Ceremony for the fourth time here from Feb 22 to 24.

The fourth edition of the ceremony will be held at the GTAC Tea Lounge, Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) at Dispur.

The tea ceremony involves the ceremonial preparation and presentation of the Assamese tea.

Dr KK Dwivedi, Commissioner and Secretary, Industries and Commerce Department, Government of Assam, who is also the chairman of GTAC, will inaugurate the ceremony at 5 pm on Monday. The organisers of the ceremony said the tradition of serving tea in ‘baan batis’ (brass metal bowls) should be popularised globally.

Rakhi Dutta Saikia of Arin Tea said, “In Assamese culture, tea is just not a beverage but enjoys high esteem in socio-religious rituals. It is almost customary to offer tea to the guests and any religious or social function is considered incomplete without serving tea. Here most of the dignitaries, guests, Vaishnava devotees and Gosains are served tea in a completely religious manner. In Assamese rural society, ‘kaah bati’ is the main pot used for drinking tea.”

“This is the fourth year and we plan to popularise the ceremony globally,” she added.

There will be an exhibition-cum-sale on speciality tea on the three-day programme. People can also buy and drink a wide variety of pure Assam Tea at the tea lounge. An awareness programme on organic tea cultivation along with training will be organised during the ceremony.