Joyshree Baruah

A cool pair of sunglasses can take an outfit’s style quotient to another level altogether. From cat-eye to revamped aviators to oversized goggles, one can get spoilt for choice. Since summer is just round the corner, it’s time to up your game with the trendiest sunglasses of the moment.

• ’90s skinny sunglasses: If you want to exude confidence wherever you go, then small and skinny shades are just the thing for you. To keep the vintage ’90s vibe, look for clean, slightly upswept silhouettes and dark lenses.

• Mirrored lens: Want to shine bright like the sun? Then mirrored frames are just for you. Imagine staring at your own reflection while talking to someone – reflective sunglasses can be classy, flashy, and stylish. Opt for blue mirror lenses or go for gold finishing to brighten up your face.

Colour-tinted: These sunglasses come with a rainbow of pastel colour options. Choose from lens colours that range from light blue and sunshine yellow to pink and burnt orange. Not only are these a stylish addition to your summer outfits, but these shades also protect your eyes from UV radiation and grant a high-contrast vision experience.

Full transparency: Transparent frames and translucent lenses have been popular in the sunglasses market for quite a long time. These lenses offer a much needed happy pop of style to your summertime wardrobe.

Retro-grade: The ’70s-inspired shades have plenty of modern updates on the retro shapes, like matte and gradient acetates, tinted lenses, cut-outs, and fresh colour palettes. Use these shades with your favourite pair of distressed jeans, bomber jacket, and a pair of retro boots for that classic ’90s look.


Make sure you pick lenses with maximum UV protection just for good measure. This season, let your shades get a modern update by creating a dynamic look paired with some outstanding sunglasses.