Dhubri, Mar 1: In a bid to avoid the spread of Covid-19 among voters, the district administration has added another 181 polling stations in Dhubri district as auxiliary stations for the ensuing assembly polls.

The Deputy Commissioner, Deba Kumar Kalita, informed that they have divided all the polling stations in the district which has more than one thousand voters and have created the new auxiliary polling stations.

In 23 Dhubri LAC this time there will be 277 polling stations, out of which 248 are main and 35 are auxiliary. Similarly, in the 24 Gauripur LAC and 25 Golokganj LAC, there will be a total of 303 and 296 polling stations respectively out of which 254 and 236 are main polling stations respectively while 49 and 60 polling stations will be set up as auxiliary, respectively. Also, in Bilasipara subdivision area, in two constituencies i.e. Bilasipara East and Bilasipara West, there will be 546 polling stations combined, out of which 37 will stand as auxiliary to comply with Covid-19 norms.

Kalita stated that, this time the polling stations will follow strict Covid-19 Protocol. “We will make arrangements for gloves for the voters and the polling stations will be properly sanitized before and after the polls,” said Kalita. He also added that the polling time has also been increased to avoid crowding at polling stations.

Detailing more about the preparation for the ensuing polls, Dhubri District Election Officer Partha Pratim Barman added that they have made arrangements for water facilities in about 80 polling stations, toilet facilities in 69 polling stations and will make such arrangements at 349 polling stations in Dhubri, Gauripur and Golokganj LAC.

“We have identified 19 polling stations in these constituencies, situated in remote areas where electricity facilities could not be provided properly, we will provide generators in those stations,'' Barman added and stated that ramp facilities will be provided in the polling stations and in few station new ramps will be made for the polls.

Adding more, the election officer stated that 3 surveillance teams and 2 social media surveillance teams in each of Dhubri, Gauripur and Golokganj LAC has also been chalked out to look after the activities of various political parties.

Meanwhile, 180 polling stations in the district have been chalked out by the administration as Critical. While 26 polling stations in Dhubri LAC, 18 in Gauripur LAC and 19 in Golokganj LAC, come under the International Border area, which is mostly adjacent to the Indo-Bangladesh Borders.

It may be informed that there are as many as 229 polling stations in the district, which are situated in the Char areas, out of which 105 are in Bilasipara west Constituencies. It may be added that in Dhubri, Gauripur and Golokganj LAC, there are 1,95,625; 2,05,868 and 2,02,147 voters respectively out of which 95,129; 99,394 and 97,175 female voters respectively. Moreover in Dhubri and Gauripur constituencies there will be 8 and 5 all women polling stations respectively.